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Dobrodom and fully complete Your Car

1. All types of refurbishment and retrofit vehicles retrofitted with various devices and systems providing a full package of documents for registration in traffic police.


2. Installation of vehicle monitoring, including to:


  • Control of moving objects;
  • Compliance with speed limits;
  • Run the defined route;
  • Control of fuel consumption;
  • Suppress all forms of theft of fuel;
  • Exception of the "left" flights and downtime;
  • Timely maintenance of vehicles;
  • The safety of drivers and cargo safety;
  • Monitoring the performance of employees tasks;
  • Disputes.


3. Installation of CCTV in buses.


4. Installation, calibration, repair of tachographs of all types. Installation and replacement of units CIPF.


5. Installation of pre-heaters, additional heaters inside the vehicle, including remote control and monitoring.


6. The retrofit and refurbishment of vehicles for the transport of dangerous goods.


7. Installation and activation devices of calling emergency services (AVEOS) ERA-GLONASS working in manual mode (button) and automatic triggering in case of rollover.


8. Calibration of gauges and temperature recorders and refrigerated vehicles intended for the carriage of perishable foodstuffs. Periodic inspection and examination of performance of the refrigeration equipment of refrigerators with the aim of obtaining an ATP certificate.


9. Vehicle preparation for technical inspection.

  • 2017 happy new year!

    We congratulate you with the New 2017 year! …

  • Applying additional (police) marking on the vehicle.

    The testing laboratory IL "URALTEKH" is accredited to carry out works for applying additional marking (number of record in the registry of accredited persons No. RA.EN.21HO18, a unique identification number that is specified in the unified register of bodies for the conformity assessment of the Eurasian economic Union 32983). …

  • Seminar Transport safety 2016

    Self-regulatory organization noncommercial partnership "the Ural Association of the enterprises of automobile business" (SRO NP "Orapub") jointly with the FBI "Rosavtotrans" of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, with the support of the Prosecutor's office of Sverdlovsk region Department of the FSB of Russia in Sverdlovsk region, Scientific and methodical center of the Ural Alliance of automotive business (NMCs ORAPUB-INFORM) conduct the seminar "Transport safety" …