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GK UCEPS at provides services in manufacturing all types of cards for tahorat: card cisf, AETR cards in Russia without a CDSS. Today we offer to produce cards for tachograph drivers at very good prices!!

In 2019 we start the ACTION for natural persons: when ordering 2 or more cards of drivers of different types, Your discount will be 200 rubles.

Will help to collect a full package of documents to fill in for the manufacture of any card driver for all types of tachographs.

You can order AETR cards and cards without a CDSS in Russia on our website www.u169.runot coming into the office.

Applications for card cisf are accepted on e-mail: kt@uceps.ru.

And always glad to see you at the address: Ekaterinburg, street of Krupnosortnom, d. 14, office 314.

The cost of cards for tachographs in 2019 will be:

card cisf – 3600 RUB.;

card AETR – 3500 rubles;

card on the day you CIPF – 2900 RUB

I want to remind you that the penalty for absence of the driver card for digital tachograph, the driver is from 1000 to 3000 rubles, and for organizations or transportation companies, found guilty of violating, the penalty can reach up to 10 thousand rubles.

All details of the action, and all the information on registration applications for drivers card for tachograph please call our specialists: V. 8(343) 286-43-99 (EXT.100).