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The most frequent causes of failure of the tachograph

Our company has long been engaged in sales, installation, calibration and repair of tachographs all types and brands available at the moment.

We have vast experience in the field of topografie as installing monitoring devices on all types of cars for repair and upgrades related items tachograph (speedometer, speed sensor and so on).

Is not a secret that the Russian tachographs, whether with or without CDSS, (mercury, Stroke, Kasbi, ATOL and others) very often fail for unknown reasons, and the operation of a vehicle with an inoperative tachograph is punishable by a fine as the driver and the company.

Will try to list the most frequent causes of failure of control devices:

  1. Mistakes drivers who are not properly ispolzut the control device, due to the lack of necessary knowledge and experience;
  2. Short circuit (K/Z) in the wiring of the car, which entails the termination efficiency of the tachograph. K/S can be from: start the car from starting-battery charger, faulty alternator, welding on the car without disconnecting additional equipment;
  3. Rechargeable batteries should serve for at least two years, but instead some are no more than a month. Their lifespan depends on how often you use your car;
  4. Faulty connectors for smart cards (readers). Their failure contribute to improper use, dust and dirt, which entering and accumulating inside the tray, prevent proper operation;
  5. Displays lose efficiency because the jump voltage in an onboard network of the automobile;
  6. Printers fail much less frequently than the above components. Most often, a malfunction occurs due to the ingress of moisture and dust, and of the quality of the printer;
  7. Factory defect of the control device;

Quality European tachographs order of magnitude higher than the Russian and the reasons of their failure are much less.

Our staff are highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in field installation and repair of control devices (tachographs) in the territory of the Russian Federation.
We provide both warranty and post-warranty repair of control devices.
Our specialists will diagnose the control device identifies the cause of failure and propose the best option for you to eliminate this fault.

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