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Lower prices on all types of tachographs and cards!


Lower prices on all types of tachographs and cards!

The "group of companies UCEPS at" offers a full range of services at attractive prices in the field of topografie. In our company You can:

  • buy tachograph;
  • set the tachograph;
  • to activate the tachograph;
  • to make the calibration of the tachograph;
  • to repair the tachograph;
  • to order cards drivers for tachographs of all kinds.
Only we have the most hot offer. Until the end of the year prices on tachograph cards are reduced:
  • The map of European – 3 000 RUB.
  • Map of the Russian – 2900 RUB
  • Card for the tachograph unit CIPF – 2100 RUB

Our company works with reliable suppliers of tachographs and drivers cards, established itself in the market of topografii the production of quality products that meets the requirements of the AETR, the Technical regulation of the order of Ministry of transport of Russia from 13.02.2013, 36

Cards are used in digital control devices (tachographs). In our company in stock and for the order, You can buy metal of the following brands: mercury TA-001, mercury TA-002, mercury unit CIPF, Stoneridge SE500.

Only with us You can purchase tachographs at attractive prices:
  • The tachograph unit CIPF – from 26 000 rubles.
  • The tachograph unit CIPF– from 20 000 RUB.
  • Tachograph for CIS countries– from 22 500 RUB.
  • Tachograph for Europe – from 28 000 rubles.
  • Tachograph without block cryptographic tools used – from 12 000 rubles.

In GK "UCEPS at" employs certified specialists in the installation, calibration, activation of tachographs. If necessary, our specialist can come to You on the installation of tachographs.

Turning to our company, You will receive a full range of services in the field of topografie.

Our advantages:

  • Online submission of applications for the production of maps;
  • The production time of the card 1 week or more;
  • Delivery throughout Russia;
  • Round-the-clock technical support;
  • Quality service;
  • Professional approach;
  • Own accredited repair of tachographs;
  • Friendly staff.
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