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Swan, cancer and pike (thinking aloud about topografie)

In recent years, our lawmakers are trying again to arrange a redistribution of spheres of influence on the tachograph market. On the Internet there was a certain order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation № 16 dated 01.20.2016 of which is registered in the Russian Ministry of Justice of 02/26/2016, under the number 41211. In brief, the document says that the exclusion of (the list of vehicles which are not fall under the equipment tachographs) removed the vehicle equipped with cranes-manipulators, but entered the exceptions specialized vehicles (specially equipped milk floats, Cattle, machines for transportation of poultry, eggs, live fish, machines for transportation and mineral fertilizers) categories N 2 and N 3 used by agricultural producers in the implementation of on-farm transportation (transportation within the borders of the municipal district, in whose territory the vehicle is registered, as well as the bordering municipal districts). There are a few simple questions:
1. Let the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation explained that this "farm" vehicle? It is a brand? Or is this model? Perhaps the type of TC?
2. First, equip all the "livestock" TC tachographs, now, they are not subject to equipment and what to do with existing tachographs? Who compensates the money spent?
3. How does the Special Vehicle for transportation of eggs? And if, for example, an egg producer from Ekaterinburg to Moscow, their luck, breaking all imaginable norms of work and rest? And if it's lucky the vehicle on the way back, such as packaging for eggs, tachograph is needed?
  I would also like to understand the attitude of the state to the workshops. In 2011, when our company began the first steps in the tachograph as a workshop, we had a clear vision of what we are doing good work in solving the problems of road safety! It took 5 years, and regulations only became controversial. The requirements for a master there is a need in the form of a license FSB, and now even our lawmakers want to make sure that each workshop was a metrological center. Such a triple licensing precedents (here it is appropriate to recall the famous fable of Krylov) for the same activity, in my opinion, absurd and violate the constitution of the Russian Federation!
  Proceeding from the above, I would also like to understand why, when making changes to brake the vehicle system (eg setting the ABS system on the vehicle carrying explosives), enough to have a voluntary certification (this type of certification is voluntary), and to set the tachograph is required to pass There are double (soon it will be possible triple) accreditation!
  Very interesting question arises to amend the design of the vehicle during the installation of the tachograph. After all, in today's cars by the tachograph is a large amount of digital information on the state of the vehicle systems. Some TC failure of the tachograph, leading to a denial of most basic systems, including such as exhaust brake, ABS, speed limiter, PPC management, and others. And what about the fact that many dealers in intervening in the system of the car is removed from its warranty repair and service. The owner of the vehicle is left alone with all its problems and effects!
  What is the result.
  All tachograph Institute brought to the process of making profits in excess of the equipment manufacturers, workshops put in unequal conditions compared to other market participants and our neighbors in the EurAsEC, and our carriers have to pay for it all! Worst of all, for a period of more than five years, no significant shifts on the issue of road safety is not visible. What kind of system traffic safety can be discussed if the driver can officially get THREE (Karl THREE !!!) driver card and three different TC move 24 hours a day, and no one, even the most skilled specialist in the tachograph, not be able to identify this violation !!!!
 Behind this, I leave.