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Regional Representative INCOTEX

Due to the growing demand for new services in tachographs Group UTSEPS AT INCOTEX and Group companies have agreed on the need to open INCOTEX regional representation in the Ural Federal District on the basis of accredited workshops Groups UTSEPS AT companies.

Promoting tachograph systems

11/14/2013, at the site of the Group UTSEPS AT hosted video conferencing initiated by the manufacturer of the brand Mercury tachographs TA-001.

Participation in the conference was attended by about 20 workshops dealing with the installation of tachographs.

The conference took place:

1. video message to the participants 'Incotex-Trade "conference General Director Sergey A. Bushina, providing detailed answers to participants' questions related to the organization of activities to equip vehicles with tachographs;

2. Statement by the President of the Non-Commercial Partnership "Promoting tachograph systems" Eugene Mordavchenkova dedicated to informing participants about the establishment in the city of Yekaterinburg professional association, to create TMs and future plans of its activities;

3. Presentation of the Civil UTSEPS AT copyright software product that allows owners of vehicles fitted with tachographs, to implement a simple way to read information from the tachograph cards, followed by the possibility of analyzing information from maps for compliance with Russian legislation governing labor and rest of drivers, and reporting of relevant values ​​received from the card.

All participants expressed positive assessment and opinion on the need for such meetings was given to this event of the conference, at which you can work together to solve pressing issues facing the community tachograph.

I take this opportunity to once again invite all interested persons to participate in the activities of non-profit partnership "Promoting tachograph systems" !!!!

Devices for the control of work and rest of drivers

Device control of work and rest of drivers (tachograph) "Mercury TA-001", which provides a continuous, not corrected by the registration information on the speed and route of movement of the vehicle and intended to be mounted on wheeled vehicles of categories M2, M3, N2 and the N3 (hereinafter -n).

Uploading data from the tachograph by means of a USB flash drive, the calibration is carried out without the use of special programmers.

The tachograph Mercury TA-001 has the following additional features: navigation receiver GLONASS / GPS, a 3-D motion sensor, USB interface, the CAN, RS-232, RS-485, analog and digital outputs, as well as radio communication standard GSM-900 / 1800, it is possible to transmit information about the location, speed, and distance traveled road vehicle, fuel consumption, etc. on the monitoring company's server, dispatcher service or automated central control and supervision.

Mercury TA-001 allows you to combine the functions of the tachograph control with GLONASS / GPS monitoring system that saves money on the vehicle owners install a specialized navigation equipment.

Implemented voice communication with the control room.

Tachograph certified in accordance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations on the Safety of Wheeled Vehicles (approved. RF Government Decree № 720 of September 10, 2009), consistent with the basic provisions of the Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation of July 31, 2012 N 285 meets the requirements of the Order of the Russian Ministry of Transport of 13 February 2013 number 36, is certified for installation on the vehicle carrying dangerous goods, has built-in cryptographic protection of information (CIPF) in the form of navigation cryptographic module HKM.

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