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The beginning of a comprehensive work on tachographs

In 2012 we decided to start providing comprehensive services in tachographs. The work started with the scale - from the sale, installation and repair of tachographs before issuing the card personalization, training of drivers and professionals (managers) transport organizations (including, to obtain a license for training). Here is a little "cutting" success of our companies in this field.

In order to assist directors of companies and professionals, March 30, 2012 our training center, the first in the Urals Federal District, has initiated training courses for the organization of control over the mode of work and rest of drivers using control devices (tachographs) installed on vehicles means. Classes are held in the form of seminar-training with a unique training equipment. The seminar was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Transport of the Sverdlovsk region, Ural Department of the State road supervision, experts accredited service centers (workshops) to work with tachographs from Yekaterinburg and Moscow, representatives of the enterprises of motor transport and road hauliers.

The seminar-training were discussed topical issues of the legislative framework for the control of work and rest of drivers, we studied the characteristics, functions, control devices, the organization operating the process. It was informed of the procedure for issuance and use of cards used in digital control devices.

Great interest was aroused by practical exercises in the training workshop. Representatives of the carrier is very pleased the presence of mobile laboratories on the basis of IVECODEILY vehicles, capable of carrying out all complex of works connected with the tachograph. Can be installed on vehicles of monitoring devices, their activation and maintenance of the territory of the enterprise, without going into the studio installer saves time and money businesses.

a round table was held after the completion of the seminar. Opinions were agreed in the main - such courses are needed! January 23 this year, the requirements for equipping vehicles with control devices (tachographs) has already entered into force. Therefore, the knowledge and the companys expertise in the organization of work of the verification regime of work and rest of drivers using control devices depends on many things, and most importantly - traffic safety on Russian roads.

A month ago, many leaders of transport companies on the question of the installation on your fleet tachographs joked: "Why run ahead of a steam locomotive It may cost ...?"

The jokes are over. With 1 year aprelya2013 shall enter into force the Federal Law №78-FZ of June 14, 2012, "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation ...", in which, inter alia introduced changes:

in paragraph 1 of Article 20 of the Federal Law of December 10, 1995 №196-FZ "On Road Traffic Safety" (Collection of legislation of the Russian Federation, 1995, №50, st.4873, 2002, №18, st.1721, 2009, №48 , st.5717) to add the following paragraph: "vehicles equipped with technical means of verification, providing continuous, uncorrectable registration information about the speed and route of movement of vehicles, labor and rest of drivers of vehicles (hereinafter - the tachograph). The requirements for tachographs, categories and types of vehicles Markets, order equipping vehicles with tachographs, the rules for their use, maintenance and control of their work shall be established in the manner determined by the Russian Government. "

in the Russian Federation Code of Administrative Offences (Assembly of the Russian Federation, 2002, №1, Article 1, 2005, №19, st.1752, 2006, №18, st.1907, №43, st.4412, №50, st.5279, 2007, №1, Article 29, №20, st.2367, №26, st.3089, №31, st.4007, №46, st.5553, 2008, №49, st.5748; 2009, №26, st.3122, №45, st.5265, №52, st.6412, 2010, №1, Article 1, №31, st.4164, 2011, №17, st.2310; №23 , st.3260, №29, st.4284, №30, st.4585, №45, st.6334, 2012, №6, st.621, №15, st.1724, №18, st.2126, 2128 ) as follows: article 11.23 shall read as follows:

"Article 11.23. Driving a vehicle for transportation of goods and (or) passengers without technical means of control, violation of a person driving a vehicle for transportation of goods and (or) passengers, work and leisure

1. Driving a vehicle for transportation of goods and (or) passengers without technical controls, which provides a continuous, uncorrectable registration information about the speed and route of the vehicle, of work and rest of the driver of the vehicle (hereinafter - the tachograph), if its installation on the vehicle provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as disabled (blocked subjected to modification or faulty) or with a non-conforming tachograph, except in the case of breakage of the tachograph after the release of the vehicle line, as well as in violation of the rules for the use of tachograph (including blocking, correction, modification or tampering of recorded data to them) - punishable by an administrative fine on citizens in the amount of one thousand to three thousand rubles; on officials - from five thousand to ten thousand rubles.

2. Violation of the person driving the vehicle for the transportation of goods and (or) passengers, set work and rest - punishable by an administrative fine of one thousand to three thousand rubles. "

Representatives of transport companies we advise to start the installation of tachographs and not wait for the Christmas rush.


Since 25.04.2012 URAPAB INFORM within the group of companies UTSEPS AT starts selling ustanvku and digital control devices of the brand BAR. These tachographs successfully proved a democratic price, and a complete set of rich functionality, and most importantly - high quality workmanship. Getting pre-orders for the purchase and installation of tachographs today!