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Since 2017, all vehicles put into circulation on the territory of the Customs Union are mandatory equipped with the ERA-GLONASS emergency call system.

When purchasing a new car in a car dealership, you will surely find in it, as the people say, the GLONASS button.


In this case, the consumer, in fact, does not have any questions about this system. And if they do, then everything is described in the owner's manual for the car.


The situation is different when importing a vehicle from abroad. Buying a car "over the hill", its owner is faced with the need to equip the car with an ERA-GLONASS device, because without it, it will not be possible to go through all the procedures for obtaining a title deed, and as a result, register the car with the traffic police. This is where questions come in. What device do you need ERA-GLONASS? Where to buy the GLONASS button? Where to install? How much does a button and its installation cost? Etc. etc…


Detailed information on all issues related to the need, purchase, installation of the ERA-GLONASS device, its cost, you can get from the specialists of our company.

The experts of our service center will quickly and efficiently install the GLONASS button, having previously agreed on a convenient time and place of installation (a specialist can visit the customer).


We draw your attention to the fact that there are many fake devices on the market that are sold at a tempting price, but in the future they cannot be activated and used for their intended purpose! We, in turn, guarantee the supply of original, high-quality ERA-GLONASS devices registered in the GLONASS system.